Lakewood Homes For Sale


Lakewood Homes For Sale


Lakewood is a city of about 82,000 in southwest Los Angeles County.  The city is bordered on the west and south by Long Beach, with Bellflower on the north, Cerritos to the northeast, Cypress on the east, and Hawaiian Gardens on the southeast.  Major thoroughfares include Lakewood Blvd. (SR 19), and the San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) which runs through the city’s eastern side.  Built up over a mere decade during the 1950’s, some had referred to the area as an “instant city”.  Developed in the 1940’s, Lakewood is a planned community that fulfilled the builders’ attempt of mass-produced low-cost housing available to WWII veterans for no money down and a 4% 30-year mortgage.  After model homes first opened in March of 1950, an average of 30 homes were purchased every day with a record of 107 in just one hour!  Monthly payments at the time were only about $50.

The fast paced building quickly transformed empty Lima bean fields into more than 17,500 cp-ad-save-thousandshomes in less than 3 years with an average of about 50 houses build every day.  The main streets of Lakewood began as wide boulevards with landscaped medians and widely spaced connector streets that accessed the smaller streets of each neighborhood.  At the time, this was hailed as the ideal city design which combined a simple grid-like layout of the major streets but with side streets that featured winding drives and cul-de-sacs giving a feeling of privacy and peace for residents.

Lakewood CA Homes For Sale

Lakeview Homes For Sale (Candlewood & Clark Street)

Lakewood was incorporated in 1954, but continued to receive most public services through a contract with the Los Angeles County (such as the LA Sheriff’s Dept. for police services, and the LA County Fire Department), with some services being provided by the city or private contractors (the city has its own police helicopter and pilot with a sheriff riding along, and ambulances are provided by a private medical company).  This setup was called the “Lakewood Plan” by other nearby cities such as Cerritos and Bellflower who adopted similar models to provide municipal services.

Lakewood was the home of the first Denny’s restaurant in 1953, founded by Harold Butler and originally named “Danny’s Donuts” and renamed Denny’s in 1959.

Lakewood is served by 4 school districts: Long Beach Unified, Paramount Unified, Bellflower Unified, and ABC Unified, providing 16 public elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 10 high schools.  There are also 2 L.A. public libraries and 14 private schools located within the city limits.   There are 9 public parks accessible to residents spread throughout the city, and also the Lakewood Golf Course, a private club.  Lakewood also offers several community centers providing services and activities for everyone including youth and senior centers, an equestrian center, and a dog park.  Mayfair Park offers a public pool with classes and activities; youth and adaptive swimming lessons are offered Monday – Friday every half hour between 3:30pm and 5:30pm; American Red Cross Lifeguard training is offered every May (for an additional fee).

Popular community events in Lakewood include the Pan American Fiesta, Patriot Day, Concerts in the Park, the Block Party and Halloween Carnivals, that bring residents together and create a sense of community in our sometimes fast-paced and busy world. There is also a range of “family fun” events specifically created for families to gather and enjoy an event or activity as a group.  Read about even more events and services on the city’s webpage at


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